WOFEX 2019

First Estan Trading Corporation joined up in World Food Expo that started August 7, 2019 and ended on August 10, 2019 in World Trade Center Manila.

Due to global warming awareness, First Estan Trading Corporation mostly displayed eco- friendly products such as paper straws, paper cups, paper bags, paper bowls, cornstarch meal boxes and cutleries, charcoal briquettes, wooden sticks and toothpicks, kraft pouches, cleaning cloths, biodegradable cutleries and trash bags. These are only few items that we have on the market.

We focus to get convince customers in using eco-friendly food packaging materials to help them swap up single-use plastics for good. In this way, we help to stop plastic pollution and aid the environment.

Thank you to the organizers and top management of First Estan Trading Corporation who made this event a success.